Thursday, June 25, 2009

Word Verification

Many of us have Word Verification activated on our blogs, to prevent something… I don’t know what, but it seems like a reasonable thing to activate in order to protect your blog from unimaginable who knows what. However, when I was commenting on a friend’s blog tonight, my word verification was “KWOOPY”.

Now I wasn’t an English major, but really now – is KWOOPY a word? If so, then use it in a sentence. My kid has a kwoopy little cough? How can you verify a word that isn’t a word?

So then for fun, I pretended like I was commenting on other blogs, so I could check out my theory that word verification is a total farce. BINGO! My next five words, no kidding, were

Bathesce – the essence of a warm, soothing bath?
Ponpadoo – gotta be a 1950’s style hair do
Pediti – sounds like an itty bitty foot
Qaucke – can you even have a q not followed by a u?
Aazoti – maybe a new type of pasta?

My conclusion? Word verification is a left wing conspiracy to usurp the fundamentals of English. There can be no other valid assumption.


Keri said...

I verven you!!! (my word verification at the bottom of your page!!!)

becky marshall said...

Well then, i SKETT you back!

JeanAnn said...

Kindred spirits, you and I. I, too, can blame anything on a left-wing conspiracy. :) Hope you have a spindec day.

Keri said...

I miss seeing's been very DEDRO and overwhelming these last few weeks! Have a fantastic day!

becky marshall said...

I miss you, too. Want to come back and teach preschool Sunday school? I only need 210 teachers this year...the most exciting year in the history of our whole church with the new kids building opening up. Please pray that we don't get discouraged as we seek those the Lord has called to teach his precious little ones. It can be so hard and frustrating. I get so tired of the excuses and selfishness. And yet, we know we only want the ones who come in obedience. Know what i mean? Love you -

Joy said...

I think it is a conspiracy. I turned the crazy thing off on my blog. So far I've had no spam or anything bad happen. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Stephanie Chase said...

Humpty "diumpi" sat on a wall!(my word verification on this page)

Now I know you weren't wanting to comment on my blog. You were just trying to find some more word verifications! HEE!