Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Make-up

My friend, Lezlie, called me this morning and told me that all the big, fancy department stores were giving out free makeup today! She heard something on the radio about a multi-million dollar lawsuit/settlement that required them to just simply pass out make-up until they had completed their penance to society...or something like that.

Well, it wasn't exactly what we envisioned in our heart of hearts...But, we lined up in Dillards with hundreds of other women to get this amazing free offer. The line snaked through the cosmetics department, and though it was long...moved fast. All we had to do was sign something, take our pick of one out of about nineteen specified items, and make a run for it! Yea!

I got some free Lancome mascara. and Lezlie got some free Ralph Lauren Romance shower gel. FREE! Stuff we would probably never buy, but hey - it was FREE!

Our in-line conversation went like this,
Lezlie: "Men would never do this."
Me: "I know. Duane would say, 'How much does that stuff cost? Ten bucks? Here's ten bucks, just go buy you some."
Lezlie: "I know. They would never wait in line for free anything."
Me: "I know. Men would never do this."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas 2008

So we were a little ambitious with all the plans described in my earlier post, "Home is Where the Heart is", and we didn't factor in time eater-uppers like lost luggage and extreme temperatures....but all in all, Christmas was a sweet time. And at least we were mostly all together...except for Ashely's husband, Nick, who is in his second year of residency and could not get away. However in his honor, Ashley made a little foil Nick to represent him. (Isn't it sweet? She's holding his little foil hand!)

So the best thing about Christmas was just being together. And the second best thing was that Titus gave us our grandparent names. I am now "Nana". Duane is now "Baba". Titus can't say his "P's", so we were thinking he meant "Papa." But when Kari corrected him, "You mean Papa." Titus said, "NO. Baba."

We have since discovered that Baba is "a very old African grandfather." Interesting.

Here are some other favorite pictures from our sweet Tennessee Christmas.

Besides a Christmas Eve Service with Tammy Wynette and her son singing, "Christmas Shoes", and thin, scratchy towels...everything was simply wonderful. I missed Christmas in Houston, but i wouldn't mind doing this again!