Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorite Moment of Today

I copied this from my daughter's blog, because i have pondered it every day since she posted it on May 2, and every time i just makes me smile. I asked her permission to post it on my blog, since hers is "by invitation only" for a while.

Titus and his speech teacher Miss Anna.

Our church now has a link on our web site called, "Prepare for Worship." Here you can read what the sermon will be about as well as listen to the songs we will be singing that morning. We have started using this in our home on sunday mornings to teach our children the words beforehand so they can join in with us. We love it! The kids bust out with their instruments and we repeat the chorus of each song multiple times to help with memorization. It prepares my heart just watching my children worship. Amazingly sweet.

So, one song we practiced yesterday for church was "Stronger." (click the word to hear the song!) Titus totally resonated with the chorus and internalized it pretty quickly. I noticed that as he sang, he was annunciating his sounds very clearly. It happened to be some of the sounds he has been working on with Ms. Anna, his speech teacher. Specifically his middle "g" sound (stronger) and his medial "k" sound (broken), etc.

I have been asking the Lord to give me a greater boldness and creativity in sharing the gospel lately with three kids and staying home a lot. The Lord laid on my heart to ask Titus if he wanted to sing this song for Miss Anna to both show her his sounds and tell her about Jesus. He enthusiastically agreed. I don't know exactly where she stands with the Lord but am striving to use these little opportunities to build relationship, love, and testify. favorite moment today. Kneeling beside my four year old (ok the tears are streaming now as i write) and helping him sing this song to his precious speech teacher. Here were the words he sang so sweetly...

"You are stronger, You are stronger,
Sin is broken,
You have saved me.
It is written, Christ is risen,
Jesus You are Lord of all!"

Miss Anna was all smiles.

After a month of destructive tornadoes and on a day in which the Lord brought justice to the oppressed through the death of a terrorist I closed up explaining how Christ is stronger than the pain and hurt in this world. What an honor to be able to explain Christ through a song of my four year old.

That was this mother's favorite moment today, and I can't imagine how much joy it brought the Father.