Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Happy Moving Day

It slipped up on me until I saw the date on my phone this morning, but fifteen years ago today, Dad went home.   His absence still hovers around us in quiet places after all these years.

Dad’s missed multiple graduations – they would have bored him to death like my piano recitals, but he’d go because that was the grandfatherly thing to do and he so loved our three kids.  He wouldn't even miss the college ones, or Jeff’s commissioning, if he could have physically made it, and he'd be so proud of who those three are becoming.

And  he's missed three weddings – he’d fall in love with the ones our children chose, because he would know they chose well.

And four great grands that he would absolutely adore --  Titus, our favorite boy, smart, quiet and thoughtful.  Elli, our happy hearted one, with big blue eyes, who keeps us laughing.  Leala, our noticer of life with curly red hair and increasing opinions of her own.  And beautiful strong-willed baby Asa…who looks just like her dad and acts just like her mom.  He would love them each the best.

I miss my Dad.  There was something magical about his blue eyes, they always twinkled with joy.   There was something reassuring about his presence.  Something wise and thoughtful about the way he lived his life. 

Happy moving day, Dad.  Have you in my heart.