Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Make-up

My friend, Lezlie, called me this morning and told me that all the big, fancy department stores were giving out free makeup today! She heard something on the radio about a multi-million dollar lawsuit/settlement that required them to just simply pass out make-up until they had completed their penance to society...or something like that.

Well, it wasn't exactly what we envisioned in our heart of hearts...But, we lined up in Dillards with hundreds of other women to get this amazing free offer. The line snaked through the cosmetics department, and though it was long...moved fast. All we had to do was sign something, take our pick of one out of about nineteen specified items, and make a run for it! Yea!

I got some free Lancome mascara. and Lezlie got some free Ralph Lauren Romance shower gel. FREE! Stuff we would probably never buy, but hey - it was FREE!

Our in-line conversation went like this,
Lezlie: "Men would never do this."
Me: "I know. Duane would say, 'How much does that stuff cost? Ten bucks? Here's ten bucks, just go buy you some."
Lezlie: "I know. They would never wait in line for free anything."
Me: "I know. Men would never do this."


Ryan said...

Yeah Aunt Becky!!! Those companies deserve the loss of profit! Enjoy the mascara - that kind is the best!! XOXO

Ashley said...

So true. Even if I got Nick to go with me, he'd take one look at the line and say NO WAY.

kari said...


vergie said...

I went to "the Market" in the Woodlands with a friend yesterday...I can't believe we passed up Dillard's and line waiting for something FREE....what a bummer!! Wish I'd been in the know....

keribaker said...

I would've waited for free makeup...but not with three monkeys hanging on me!!!