Sunday, February 01, 2009

Still Trying to Figure Him Out

Conversation last Saturday.

Becky to Duane: “Why don’t we plant a lemon tree?”
Duane to Becky: "O.k."

What Becky would have done:
Go to garden center, buy lemon tree, dig hole, plant lemon tree.

What Duane did:
Go to garden center. Talk to someone about lemon trees. Look at lemon trees. Decide to go back home and find a good place to plant a lemon tree. Decide to renovate the entire back flower bed to make room for lemon tree. Begin digging up twenty year old banana trees in flowerbed to make room for lemon tree. Begin digging up brick edging from around the flower bed. Carry bricks to truck. Carry bricks back to flower bed to use as fillers because we didn’t have enough dirt to fill in where we dug the brick edging up. Go back to garden center and buy 200 pounds of rock to use as edging. Work until dark replacing brick edging with rock. Wait a week. In the meantime talk to everyone he knows about lemon trees. Go to visit a neighbor who has a lemon tree in his back yard. Get up the next Saturday and continue the project. Run out of rock to edge the flowerbed. Go back to garden center. Buy 75 more pounds of rock to finish edging the flowerbed. Buy lemon tree. Go back home. Finish reconstructing the flowerbed. Plant lemon tree.

Ya gotta love him, but does the man not drive you crazy?


Ashley said...

That's HILARIOUS. The finished product looks good though! And that banana tree never gave us any fruit anyway! I'll mail you my recipe for lemon-parmesan broiled fish.

keribaker said...

Can he come over and landscape my house??? We have some serious issues over here!!!

becky marshall said...

He can come, but i don't know if you can handle him!

Ryan said...

Why does that story sound really familiar??? Oh, that's right, because my dad is a Marshall, too!! Hilarious story, but job well done, Uncle Duane!!

becky marshall said...

And i left out all the parts about him calculating how many inches of stone he needed and how much it cost per inch, as opposed to per pound, like the garden center sold it.

Ryan said...

Well, I think whether you're in the Marshall family by ink or blood, we can all agree that's a given!!

kari said...

titus likes the pic of Baba and the lemon tree but has 2 requests...

1. a picture of Nana by the lemon tree

2. a picture of Baba driving his motorcycle.

please appease soon. i will get asked every day until pics come. he's now behind me making motorcycle noises and shaking his butt until i look. oh, and he just requested gloves in the picture too :)

oh, and danny's comment, "WHY a LEMON tree again?"

Anonymous said...

If Becky wanted a Lemon tree she could have planted it herself.

becky marshall said...

Duane, did you finally find my blog? I love you so much, honey! Thanks for all you do for me. I can't wait to pick lemons together.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Hey Becky, I didn't know you were a blogger too.
I saw you on Natalies blog. We really miss everyone at cfbc.
You look great. I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing your family. It's really growing!
Good for Duane. Who knew it took so many steps to plant a lemon tree. I hope it provides you all with lots of lemons so you can make lemonade. :)


becky marshall said...

Joy, thanks for stopping by! Come again anytime!