Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today is a two-fer. It is Father's Day. And it is also my grandbaby's first birthday. So a short word about both, for the record.

1. Father's Day:
I love my husband. He's mostly pretty much a mess, but he keeps our lives interesting. I know he completes me, because we are so totally opposite in about every way imagineable. But despite the ways the Lord uses him to build character in me, he is loving and generous and funny (sometimes) and adventuresome. He is even getting better at bringing me flowers - just because! He's a good dad, and an even better grandfather (or Baba, as Titus would call him.) Here's to you, hon. Happy Father's Day!

I miss my Dad. There was something almost magical about his blue eyes, they always seemed to twinkle with life...even to the end. His life was marked by unconditional love and patience that was beyond measure. His Father's Days were marked by lunch at El Chico every year, because WE loved Mexican food. (He didn't.) One of his favorite sayings was, "the joy is in the journey!" and he and mom lived it out. He finished well. Here's to you, Dad. Happy Father's Day! You simply beat us home.

2. Elli:
And now, Miss Elli! Happy birthday! It has been one interesting year for us because of you! You have stolen our hearts, and you grace our lives in ways even yet to be discovered. So here's to you, as well, little one. The joy, indeed, is in the journey.


Ryan said...

Sweet picture! Happy Fathers Day, Uncle Duane and Happy Birthday, Elli! What a special day!
Aunt Becky, I want you to send me the video of Oh Holy Night that you're talking about - I haven't seen it. I laughed out loud at the visual of Uncle D. immitating that guy...haha!!

kari said...

Love that pic of "Big Eyes" and Baba!!!

becky marshall said...

Jennifer, You need to somehow send me your email address, so i can send you Oh Holy Night. I wrote your mom to get it, but she hasn't replied yet. Do you have mine?

Stephanie Chase said...

I need to go see Louis Miori for some "conselin." (My word verificaiton word) I loved what you wrote about your daddy. It brough tears to my eyes. I will cherish "joy in the journey."