Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Documentary

This is my husband, Duane. Doesn't he look dashing sporting his newly scruffy facial hair grown during the "no electricity" days of Hurricane Ike? I really like it. I think he looks sort of cute and dignified. And anyways, he's probably going to need it this winter to help him stay warm, as we keep hearing old wives tales that after a bad hurricane you have an extra cold winter...which for Houston could mean we drop into the 30's or something.

But back to the documentary. And one last hurricane story.

We were going into day ten without power, and it was getting warmer. Well, to be honest, it was back to normal - hot and muggy. I was getting out of the shower and Duane was relaxing in bed watching TV (our morning treat, thanks to the generator cord stretching through our bedroom window.) On the tv was a black cat that looked strangely like our Edgar (see post from Wednesday, September 24) and all these crabs walking out of the sea and up the beach. The following conversation ensued:
Me: "What are you watching?"
Duane: "A documentary."
Me: "It's in Spanish. You don't speak Spanish!"
Duane: "Oh."
Ten days without power can make you crazy.


Natalie said...

so funny!

i have enjoyed reading your hurricane stories! my family all fared well too. i'm glad we missed it!

becky marshall said...

After a while we just had to laugh...good to hear from you. Where do your folks live? Be home soon?