Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome Home

A reminder popped up on my computer today about Frances' birthday coming up in a few days. Not meaning to be melancholy, because i really am happy for her- moving to a new location and living the astonishingly perfect life...pain free, no tears, sweet rest, closer to Jesus that i can imagine...

But i've really been missing her lately.

I just know she'd be so involved in getting me ready to go to Africa, have all these amazing ideas of fabulous creative things to do with the kids, hand me a list of things to bring back for the resource room, pray me there and back. And she'd already be fussing at me for not being better planned and already having my suitcase packed days ahead of time. Because she surely would have.

I was blessed to attend a Michael W. Smith Christmas concert in early December where i heard him sing, "Welcome Home", a new song from his latest project, Wonder. It fit right where my heart was at the time, and ministered to me having just lived through the tedious, emotional days of loving her to the Homeland. So every time i hear it now, my eyes fill up and spill over just a little bit, and i so miss the sparkle and life of my friend. But we do not grieve as do those who have no hope. What a blessed promise.

Welcome Home

I can't believe that I'm here, having to say goodbye.
And i can barely see you through these tears i cry.
I close my eyes.

I can hear the sound, as angels gather 'round
Saying, "This is where you belong - Welcome Home!"

There are the days that my heart aches wishing you were here.
But i know where you are the hurt and the pain disappear.
There's no more tears.

I can hear the sound, as angels gather 'round
Saying, "This is where you belong - Welcome Home!"

Happy birthday, Frances! I'll try to do good in Africa!!!

(And someone tell Duane that this would be a great song to sing at my funeral...right before the fireworks!)

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