Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Texas-sized Rooster

My dear husband jumped in whole-heartedly to "Trunk or Treat", our church's newly revised fall festival. In its simplest form, the point is to decorate your car's trunk, and sit beside it in the church parking lot passing out candy as kids walk by. So here ya go ---

Life is fun!


Keri said...


AM said...

He did a great job! Very creative!

Ashley said...

I like it. I want to see more pics of it though, it looks awesome!

becky marshall said...

ash, go to the walgreens photo center and use my login. we only took about 2 -3 pics, but they are uploaded there.

Ryan said...

Well done, Uncle Duane! Very creative!!!

Joy said...

I'm all for the newly revised fall festival. I'm sure you are too :)

Love what he did. How fun.