Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Virtual Blogging Disaster

I admit it. I am a virtual blogging disaster. I blog, oh, maybe once a month....maybe. I really don't want to waste your time reading if i don't really have something blogworthy to say or reveal or comment about. So perhaps that explains why i don't blog except maybe once a month. Life can be so status quo around Houston.

So i won't bore you with how busy life has been since August. But i WILL eventually upload pics of our mid-September party, where all the kids and grandkids and my little mama converged at my house in Houston for a few days...so Mom could meet Elli for the first time and i could use the occasion as an excuse to get everyone together... Eventually, i said. I really will. Maybe soon.


Keri said...

I miss you!

Joy said...

Becky, So glad you got your family together. I know that was wonderful for you.
I hear ya on the blogging. I love it and I love my bloggy friends, but sometimes, it just takes the back burner. I'm not one to blog just to blog either and I don't want to pressure myself into doing post. It's suppose to be fun. huh.
Thank you for your sweet comment.
I get in over my head occasionally, but always manage to come up for air. :)
I love the pictures of your grandbabies and the one with your mother. You will treasure that one for a long time.