Friday, March 28, 2008

One Week and Counting

I think this is going to be a three massage wedding.

I had one last Friday.
I had one today.
I will have one after i get back from my daughter's April 5 wedding.

Have i told you lately about my new best friend, Jeany, at Waiting to Exhale Day Spa? Her massages are absolutely to die for. Better even than the one I had in Costa Rica, where they plastered me with hot volcanic mud and when it dried, i ran through the woods "neckked" and bathed in the hot steamy water of a stream flowing from the volcano as i washed it off. (I didn't really run neckked through the woods. I had a towel on. It just sounds more daring to say it.) At any rate, Jeany beats Costa Rica hands down.

Ahhh.... I am so relaxed. I think I am ready.

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