Saturday, March 24, 2007

i really don't know nuthin' about blogging

The funniest thing about my blog is that I only started it so I could embed and save the photoshow of my grandbaby Titus during his first week. It was a Walgreens photoshow thing and it expired after a month unless you paid an exhorbatant amount of money to upgrade something. Since I thought it was worth keeping, I opened up "beckyzblog" and started this thing.

The next funniest thing about it is that absolutely no one even knows I have a blog except my oldest daughter, Kari (who, by the way is Titus' mother.) Who, by the way, is also the only person who has commented on anything in my blog...except for Titus, who once commented vicariously through his mother. So even though I haven't told anyone else about it, every now and then I open up my blog and see if anyone else has found it and commented on anything. Or I open it up to fiddle around with blog things I mostly can't figure out.

When I was nine years old I had a diary and wrote in it every night, mostly stupid things like, "today I got up, went to school, played outside, read my Bible and went to bed." (Life wasn't very exciting at nine.) I guess blogging is a 21st century techno-diary, with one exception. You can't lock it and hide it in your underwear drawer to keep your brother out. You just don't have to give anyone else the link.


Nicole Wilson said...

actually, the funny thing is... I know about your blog and check it often for updates. you have been an encouragement to me in many ways...
1-by sharing your daughter with us
2-by your mission statement

I appreciate what you write!
Nicole Wilson
(I go to TCC)

(the deleted comment was from me, sorry!)

becky marshall said...

hi nicole!
now that i know someone is actually out there, i may find more reason to actually write!

ashley said...

i found it!! And i'm so proud you linked my blog to yours! that was tough for me to figure out.